Nottawa Township

Sewer Project

Update April 16, 2021


Over the next several months, we will be moving into the final phase of the Beal City public sewer system project which will improve the health, safety, and welfare of the people of our township.

Soon it will be time for property owners in the BEAL CITY special assessment district to connect to the new sanitary sewer system. Property owners are responsible for hiring a qualified contractor to install the connection from their residence or building to the public system.

As construction progresses, we will notify owners by mail when the public sewer is ready and available to receive connections. Based on the current schedule, this should be mid-June. Permits will be required, and information about the permitting process will be shared prior to the connection phase. Under the Township’s Sewer Use Ordinance, connections to the public sewer system need to be made within 90 days of the notice to connect. Once connected, the use of personal septic tanks must be discontinued.



To assist with the cost of connecting, USDA, Rural Development has two direct housing programs that provide low-interest loans or grants to very low- and low-income households who meet certain criteria. An online assessment tool can be found here.

More information is contained in the PDFs found here. The funding process can take 30-60 days. There is no cost to pre-qualify (the form can be found here). Questions about these programs can be directed to USDA, Rural Development at 989.345.5470, ext. 4.

USDA RD Funding Assistance Programs



The township is in the process of adopting technical specifications with regulations for connecting to the sewer. However, in the interim, we recommend property owners in the Beal City special assessment district begin making plans to have the work completed. The following information will be helpful to share with the contractor. The work will consist of abandoning the existing septic tank in accordance with Section 3.4.B of the Nottawa Township Sewer Use Ordinance which states, “Any septic tanks, cesspools, or similar wastewater disposal facilities which are abandoned or discontinued as required by this Section shall, at the time of connection to the public sewer, be properly abandoned in the manner required by the District Health Department. This includes pumping waste by a licensed septage hauler and either removing or crushing tank, and filling with clean sand, gravel, dirt or other suitable material. If septic tank is part of foundation or crushing cannot be accomplished, the tank may be filled with clean soil. The bottom of the tank must be made capable of releasing surface water or other accumulation of fluid.

A new 6-inch schedule 40 PVC service lead at a minimum of a 1% slope shall be installed from the building to a connection point (at the road right of way line) that will be installed by the Township’s contractor. This lead must be connected at a point five feet from the building unless otherwise approved by the Township inspector. Existing drainfields will be allowed to remain in place.

Immediate questions about the process of connecting to the public sewer system can be addressed to Pete Lorenz, Lorenz Surveying & Engineering, Inc., at or 989.644.5953.

Update March 5, 2021

We’re making progress! Construction is scheduled to begin later this month to install the sewer lead lines that will run to each property in the Beal City public sewer special assessment district. (This work can be done ahead of the main sewer line construction which must wait until the frost laws are lifted.) Residents will see a drill rig on and/or near their property. Prior to drilling, workers will contact each resident onsite to discuss where the lead line should run, and which areas of the property should be avoided. If you have private underground lines such as a sprinkler system or Invisible Fence, please share this information at that time. This phase of the construction will necessitate some temporary road closures, reduced speeds, blocked driveways, unavailability of street parking and daytime noise. We will work hard to minimize the disruption, but please be patient and keep safety in mind as we work to construct the sewer system in Beal City.

Update February 24, 2021

Please be advised that construction on the Beal City public sewer project will resume on Monday, March 1. Rothenberger Construction Company will be installing sewer pipe on Mission Road headed south from Baseline Road toward Mt. Pleasant as well as along Beal City Road. Please reduce speeds within the construction zone for your safety and that of the workers. Follow this page for updates.