Nottawa Township

Notice – Smoke Testing in Weidman Area May 9, 2024

The Township of Sherman will be smoke tested in your area on May 9, 2024. Some of the area being tested may affect Nottawa Township residents as well. This testing uses a white smoke, that is forced through the county drain lines, using air pressure, to help locate any inflow/infiltration areas in the system caused by breaks in the lines, condition of manholes, broken clean-outs, and also it will help locate any unlawful sewer connections, such as; Downspouts, Weep Tiles, and Sump Pumps discharging into the County drain system.

If smoke does enter your home, you will notice the smell of burning papers. By opening doors and windows the smoke should clear. In case of excessive smoke we will have exhaust fans to help out.


Smoke testing of sanitary sewer collections/drain systems is endorsed by EPA in all regions, and included as an integral part of contracted inflow / infiltration studies. Zinc chloride type smoke, preferred by the Environmental Protection Agency, is manufactured by the Superior Signal Company, and has been the choice of sewer service contractors and municipalities for over 20 years.

Superior Smoke has the exclusive properties of leaving no visible residue and containing no explosive materials. Approximately 50% of the visible portion is atmospheric moisture. Small amounts of smoke mixed with large volumes of air, utilized in the Smoke Testing Technique for sanitary sewer collection/drain systems, can enter dwellings through the same faults in house plumbing systems that provide egress of lethal and/or explosive sewer gases. The concentration of smoke at a specific point would be influenced by the infinite volume of the system, size of fault, velocity of air flow, duration of test, and position of the blower in relation to the fault. Considering the amount of air/smoke mixture induced into the test segment, size of faults, duration of tests (minutes), infinite volume of the system due to roof vents, probably less than 1% of the smoke would be found at any one leak.

Millions of feet of drains/sewer line have been smoke tested, and less than 1% of the houses tested have had smoke enter them.